The Top Five Books All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Read

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It requires ingenuity, dedication and hard work. Most of all, entrepreneurship requires the input of others in terms of advice and ideas. This is where most entrepreneurs fail. They view business in terms of their own knowledge and experiences as opposed to what the market demands. This is why reading literature written by professionals and experts in the field of business is so important. It helps you to divorce your emotions and sentiments from the business building process. Here are the 5 best books all entrepreneurs should read. They will help you in your journey of climbing up the business ladder.

1) First Things First by Stephen R. Covey

This is a book so enlightening that it withstands the test of time. First published in 1996, this book continues to inspire millions of entrepreneurs each year. Stephen R. Covey is a renowned author and educator on business and management. In this book, Stephen focuses on efficiency in the use of time. He disputes the idea of doing a lot in little time and instead advocates for doing what matters with the time that you have. This, he contends, is the true mark of an entrepreneur when it comes to managing his or her time.

2) Built to Sell by John Warrillow

This is a recently published book i.e. in December 2012. Many entrepreneurs start up businesses as though they will never let go of them. This should always be the case but such a mentality always has its drawbacks. For example, complacency always sets in. In other words, you will not likely improve the condition of your business if you never intend to sell it. In this book, John Warrillow asks entrepreneurs to think as though they will one day sell the business. This means that the business should always be in tiptop shape just in case any potential investor decides to come for it.

3) Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Books you must read

Books you must read

Published in June of this year, this book focuses on responsibility on the part of the entrepreneur. The author is able to describe adequately how many entrepreneurs place the blame on environmental factors and possibly others whenever the business fails as opposed to taking responsibility themselves. James Altucher therefore encourages entrepreneurs to take responsibility for both failures and successes in their business.

4) Mastery by Robert Greene

Robert Green has been the author and/or co-author of many books including the 48 Laws of Power. This book focuses on the value of apprenticeship to entrepreneurs. It vividly depicts how many entrepreneurs fail to garner the necessary skills of their crafts before embarking on solitary business ventures. These business ventures often lead to failures. This is why mastery of your specific filed of business through some given kind of apprenticeship is critical.

5) The $100 Start-up by Chris Guillebeau

Published in 2012, this book focuses on how entrepreneurs can start empires from humble beginnings. It systematically shows entrepreneurs how to build their small businesses while coping with challenges and still take advantage of opportunities. It is necessary read for anyone who intends to start small.

Open your mind to entrepreneurship

Open your mind to entrepreneurship

These are the 5 best books all entrepreneurs should read. They will give you a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and help you to avoid all the mistakes that entrepreneurs normally make. You will get a better understanding of how to manage your time, view the long-term aspects of your business, take responsibility, master the necessary skills and start small. This is vital information for any aspiring entrepreneur.

How To Handle Tax Audits And 5 Ways To Avoid Them In The First Place

Everyone pay taxes, at least everyone should

Everyone pay taxes, at least everyone should

The only constant thing in this world is death and taxes. You have to pay taxes whether you like it or not. If you don’t, the government will take it from you by force and the hassle of having to deal with the IRS can be nerve wracking. The Internal Revenue Service audited 1.4 million tax returns in 2007 alone which by far is only 1% of all individual tax returns.

What is an audit?

An audit is simply an examination of the tax return to determine if your income and expenses are accurate. Even though an audit can sound so esoteric, it doesn’t have to be and there is a method to the madness. During this period, an IRS examiner makes a line by line assessment of your tax return. If the figures don’t add up correctly on the returns, the examiner will simply question the entries they find doubtful. Depending on what the examiner finds, you may either owe money or be free of liability.

How to avoid a tax audit

If you get a better paying job or if you’re self employed, you can’t avoid changes in declared income. Nevertheless, there are some red flags the IRS watches out for and observing these tips will greatly help in avoiding a tax audit:

  • 1. Keep good records. – Just because 3 years went by, it doesn’t mean that the IRS won’t audit you for a return you have filed in the past. Keeping good records will help you trace your expenditure and answer and help you answer any questions the IRS throws at you.
  • Be organized and be prepared for a tax audit!

    Be organized and be prepared for a tax audit!

  • 2. Explain yourself. – Always keep your receipts with a little written explanation of a particular business expense. Include other appropriate documentation with your return. Take care of the details before the IRS gets a chance to question on you this respect.
  • 3. Remember: expenses are not automatically deductions. – Don’t overdo deductions if you’re self-employed. Don’t estimate deductions either, use the exact amount based on the receipt.
  • 4. Double check entries when using tax software. – Tax software can simplify some entries in the returns. When dealing with deductions and complex sources of income, verify the accuracy of the entries with a tax professional.
  • 5. Be tidy and organized. – Avoid submitting a sloppy return. It will surety get the attention of the IRS. Double check your entries and avoid mathematical errors. Compare your tax liability with that of the national average for your occupation. If there is a big difference between your tax liability and the rest of the country, double check your return before you submit it.


Tax evasion is not a good idea

Tax evasion is not a good idea

It is impossible to avoid a tax audit. The IRS conducts hundreds of random audits every year to serve as benchmarks for its examinations. Do not think that you can escape an audit by failing to file a return. There is no statute of limitations on auditing fraudulent returns or on investigating a taxpayer who doesn’t file. If you didn’t file a return when you should have, laying low for three years will not save you from an audit.
Observe punctuality in the submission of your returns and pay what you owe. When it comes down to it, paying your tax on time is the only thing that matters to the government.

3 Home Gym Essentials You Must Have

Build your own home gym room

Build your own home gym room

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to build your own home gym—and you don’t need a large space either. We all know how busy you can get, and with all that juggling act you’re doing, it becomes harder and harder to set aside even just a few hours a week to go to your local gym or go running/jogging.

So if your busy life is what’s keeping you to achieve that healthy lifestyle, here are three home gym essentials you must have to stay in top form. To those who are on a tight budget but would still like to bring some variety to their fitness regimen, these are all you need to keep your body in shape at anytime of the day.

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are not expensiva at all

Exercise balls are not expensiva at all

It may look like some giant toy ball you ought to just hand to your kids to keep them busy after school (in fact, you can), but exercise balls (also called stability balls) can become pretty handy when it comes to stretching and doing some balance-challenging work outs. You can do a wide range of ball crunches, ball push ups, as well as moves that will target the back, the legs, arms, and the shoulders. It’s harder than it looks, but can also be fun and fulfilling once you get the hang of balancing yourself over it.

You also get double that hard work for each set of muscles you target, which means yours will look more toned than ever. It also promotes better posture and a healthy spine.

Stationary Bike/Mountain Bike with Spin Doctor

Whether you choose to get a stationary bike, or a spin doctor to hitch your mountain bike on it, the burst of calories it burns with every spin you make is phenomenal. Apart from toning your legs and thighs, it’s also known to be a great metabolism booster, and it strengthens the heart and the lungs in the process.

Core Stix

Core Stix are very easy to use

Core Stix are very easy to use

If you haven’t heard of the Core Stix just yet, you’re in luck. Today you are going to find out just how versatile it is, how easy it is to use, and how good it is for the body. It will give you the total body work out that you need to whip yourself back into shape in no time at all. The rods are flexible and they offer a wide range of motion for different kinds of exercises. It’s designed to strengthen, to develop balance, to sculpt, and to burn, burn, burn all that fat. The price may be a little steep for some, but it’s an investment you’re going to want to make for yourself. It was designed by a former space shuttle engineer and a conditioning & strength coach from NHL. Now that says a lot.

It’s time to get back into shape. Go try these out. You won’t just see the difference with how your body looks, you’ll feel them too.

New And Innovative Dating Sites Of 2013

Romantic date on the beach

Romantic date on the beach

Dating sites are designed to link to persons together who have access to the program. Sometimes finding is not like a fairy tale which is like an immediate touch of two hearts. Well, not for all that is. Some find love the way that most likely should be. Others who are not fortunate enough do things to find love such as engaging in online

dating sites.

These dating sites work by matching users according to their level which would make them equal. Most commonly the traits are match to see if both are fit to be together. If it works well for both, then they’ll end being together.
Now, there are new dating sites designed with different features to bring out the best quality in catering services to those who use it. In 2013 alone, there are a lot of dating sites made to supply people with their dating schemes online.

The Zoosk

Zoosk has been considered the world’s largest online dating site to hit the social media networks. It was founded in 2007 and gives those users a lot of fun and much freedom on how they wish to conduct their dating activities. In 2013, it has been upgraded and added new features for better service.


Match.Com is a popular dating site

Match.Com is a popular dating site was a standard banner or one of the original dating sites which was founded way back in 1995. Now, it is being used and applied over 25 countries worldwide. Its popularity is still growing ‘til this day with all its new programs to entice users in matching them perfectly with great partners.

The eHarmony

eHarmony is also one of the top and original dating site known for its emphasis on long-term relationship users tend to get in to when they hook up online with a partner they like. It is also an innovator on connecting single persons using a scientific approach.

The Farmers Only

Farmers Only is a dating site used most commonly by country-folk such as ranchers and farmers. It is known to end up having at least one wedding every week. It was founded in 2005 and had a major shakeup in 2013.

The Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is a dating specifically targeted on Christian single persons who are seeking for love in any way as long as they end up together in good faith with the Lord and in holy matrimony.

This sites connect you worldwide

This sites connects you worldwide

These innovative online dating sites have been utilized by many users worldwide because of its effectiveness which has been proven many times. Make sure as a user you end up with the right match. Utilize these dating sites so that you won’t have a hard time searching love in any place.

Travel Apps That Can Help You Save Money

There are many useful travel apps

There are many useful travel apps

Traveling is a good way to unwind from work while there are other people who travel for work. Nevertheless, everyone wants to make traveling worth their while but not at the expense of their budget. You can take advantage of popular travel apps in your smartphone to help you cut the cost of your travel. So that you won’t have a hard time looking for the right app, here’s a quick list of popular travel apps that users use to help them during their travels:

Hotel Tonight

One of the biggest concerns when you travel is your accommodation. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You will get a good accommodation at the same time flexibility to suit your schedule. You have all these in the Hotel Tonight app. You can book your hotel by using this app even at the last-minute. Most hotels usually have noon as their checkout time and when you are one of the first to express interest in a room, you can get it at a reasonable price. You can even book your hotel as early as 2 AM. Hotel Tonight never gives you the ordinary accommodation. They will instead give you the basic room category but is way better than the cheap hotel rooms With flexibility, affordable price and the service that they offer, you can never go wrong with the Hotel Tonight app.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro allows you come up with lists and checklists

Packing Pro allows you come up with lists and checklists

One of the biggest problem that one encounters during a travel is forgetting an important document or an important tool. You will no longer worry about this problem when you have the Packing Pro app. This app basically allows you come up with lists and checklists to ensure that you won’t be forgetting anything for your trip. Actually, Packing Pro has been active for years and you can actually create a list for your backpack and hand-carry baggage. Of you can come up with a list for the entire family’s needs. Packing Pro is one of a kind because you no longer have to make the lists from scratch. There are many existing lists that you can customize to suit your needs. The app is quite expensive at $2.99 but if you get to experience the app, users say it is worth every penny. So if you want a worry-free trip, download the Packing Pro app now.


Desti is another popular app

Desti is another popular app

Another popular app is Desti. Coming from the word destination, this app basically allows you to plan your intended destination. You get to choose among the best destinations and those that have positive feedback coming from travelers who were also there. You can go to your destination safely and you won’t encounter problems later on. You can also post feedback like this hotel has delicious meals and hospitable staff. Later on, users can come across your comment and experience the nice things that you have. Desti app is free and is available for download both for iPhones and Android smartphones. When you have these apps with you, every travel would become memorable.